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  • A group where those new to coaching can discuss the specific challenges they face as well as pick up tips from helpful blogs. If you’re a more seasoned coach, you might like to join to share your experiences/offer advice where you feel you can help your less experienced counterparts.

    Created: 10/10/16  ·  Total members: 583
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  • See how members coach this hard-to-engage group and develop their skills.

    Created: 05/11/14  ·  Total members: 1437
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  • Join this group if you coach children between the ages of 5-12. Discuss ideas to engage children and see how other sports approach their sessions.

    Created: 05/11/14  ·  Total members: 1428
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  • Here, you'll find site help and content on coaching matters that are not covered in other groups.

    Here, you can:

    Created: 03/11/14  ·  Total members: 8480
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  • Here, members openly discuss how to overcome the challenges of making sport accessible to all.

    Let's pool our thoughts together to help sport in the UK openly encourage and welcome diversity.

    Created: 01/10/14  ·  Total members: 865
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  • The choice of tools available for coaches can be overwhelming. Discuss how to make the latest advances work for you.

    Created: 01/10/14  ·  Total members: 1273
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  • Here, you can discuss the challenges of coaching adults with coaches from any sport.

    How do you gain player's commitment to turn up to sessions? What makes them come back for more?

    Created: 01/10/14  ·  Total members: 1208
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