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  • Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Coach
    "Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English); `now I’m opening out like the largest telescope that ever was!" - Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland.
    Liam Mccarthy  · 25/02/16  · 6  · 1888
    Avg: 4.78 / 5 (1votes)
  • Learning from Learners' Learning
    We expect our players to seek out new challenges and be on a continual learning journey. But what about us coaches? Do we approach our own learning in the same way, and what can we learn from our players' learning to help our ongoing development?
    Krissi Paterson  · 22/02/16  · 7  · 1703
    learning coach-development personal-development
    Avg: 4.85 / 5 (2votes)
  • Group therapy: Reap the reward after a period of inactivity with a self-reflection and team-building day
    ConnectedCoaches member Matte Hart rings in every new year with an informal get-together for his gymnastics coaches. He swears by the annual self-reflection session and runs through its many advantages in this blog, dispensing some nifty ideas that other coaches in different sports might like to copy.
    Blake Richardson  · 22/02/16  · 2  · 1193
    Avg: 0 / 5 (0votes)
  • Are You Playing Tug of War?
    A great working environment is an essential pre requisite for me and I’d rather not coach than walk into the gym each day and shout at athletes as a form of motivation. ‘Constant dropping wears away stone’ and a barrage of negative comments towards an athlete not only affects self esteem, but begins to motivate athletes through fear of failure...
    Nick Ruddock  · 15/02/16  · 4  · 1886
    Avg: 4.28 / 5 (1votes)
  • Why Do We Love Learning as Coaches? #LoveLearning Day
    Over the course of Valentine's Day and the week following, you will see posts on Twitter from the sports coach UK Coach Education team ( @SCUKCoachEd #LoveLearning ) around why coaches love learning, and the impact it has on their coaching and development. I thought it would be a good idea to replicate this here...
    Jon Woodward  · 14/02/16  · 6  · 1296
    Avg: 4.78 / 5 (1votes)
  • Help your athletes talk their way out of trouble: A single-minded approach to fighting mental illness
    Times may be changing, but there is still a social stigma attached to mental health issues. Great Britain shooting star and ConnectedCoaches member Michelle Smith openly discusses her battle with anxiety and self-harm – which culminated in two suicide attempts – as she urges those struggling with a mental illness not to suffer in silence.
    Blake Richardson  · 11/02/16  · 1  · 2298
    Avg: 0 / 5 (0votes)
  • Inside story: The value of self-awareness as a tool for improvement
    A little introspection can go a long way. By exploring your emotions and understanding your inner self, you WILL improve your coaching. The benefits of practising self-awareness and getting some valuable ‘insider knowledge’ are such that you really cannot afford to ignore this advice from ConnectedCoaches member Catherine Baker.
    Blake Richardson  · 08/02/16  · 6  · 17242
    emotional intelligence ei self-awareness emotional-intelligence
    Avg: 4.53 / 5 (1votes)
  • Cardiff Cobras series (2.3): Reflection
    With the Welsh Bowl in the books we now take time to look back over the series so far and to reflect on how we felt the various things we put into place played out and helped to prepare the team for the game.
    Simon Browning  · 05/02/16  · 1  · 935
    Avg: 0 / 5 (0votes)
  • The TRUTH behind Mental Health & Performance in Sport
    When we hear about mental health these days, we often think about performers with poor psychological functioning and behaviours, which are troublesome or destructive to self and others. In this article I’d like to suggest an entirely different perspective on mental health.
    Denise Holland  · 04/02/16  · 0  · 854
    Avg: 0 / 5 (0votes)
  • The dream team: Love and marriage – a winning partnership
    Danny Massaro is the husband and coach of world No 1 squash player Laura Massaro. When it comes to courting success, theirs really has been a marriage made in heaven. Much more than a fascinating guide to coaching your significant other, Danny’s story features a bevy of transferable skills to help every category of coach squash the opposition.
    Blake Richardson  · 02/02/16  · 2  · 5041
    Avg: 0 / 5 (0votes)
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