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  • A blog about my experience at the Hong Kong Rugby 7’s where as a high performance specialist, I found it fascinating to observe the human responses especially the communication and connection between players at various stages of the game.
    Denise Holland  · 19/04/16  · 0  · 530
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  • How will they talk about you once you have gone?
    Leaving a club is never easy. However, it does allow a chance for reflection. Here, I look at a particular aspect, namely the impact that a coach has on a player. It is easy to teach them how to the play the sport, but shouldn't we be doing so much more?
    Simon Browning  · 18/04/16  · 2  · 1114
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  • How do we know what we don't know? The use of Johari's Window
    This blog post will explore the use and concept of Johari's window to detect our blind spots and areas for development. How do we know what we're looking for, and how do we know what we don't know?
    Richard Allen  · 08/04/16  · 8  · 6348
    Avg: 4.28 / 5 (1votes)
  • Beware of 'Cotton Wool Coaching!'
    What is cotton wool coaching I hear you ask? Well we’ve all heard of the expression, ‘she’s wrapped up in cotton wool,’ usually used to describe an individual (often a child) who is perceived to be 'overly protected’ by their parent. 'Cotton wool coaching' refers to being overly protective of your athletes, by being reluctant or...
    Nick Ruddock  · 07/04/16  · 14  · 11473
    failure cotton-wool-coaching
    Avg: 4.81 / 5 (4votes)
  • Concussion - what is it and do we as coaches take it seriously enough?
    What is concussion, and do we as coaches take it seriously enough? Tim Hartley investigates for ConnectedCoaches...
    Rob Maaye  · 06/04/16  · 0  · 663
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