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Milton’s keen – on motivation: The importance of motivating players and the crucial role coaches play | Welcome and General | ConnectedCoaches

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Thanks Rob and Dan, this made for really interesting reading. I particularly like the emphasis on working out what makes each player tick. Each player will be motivated by their own particular factors. If as a coach or manager you can work these out, and then work on them, you will get more out of the player. Who was the England rugby player who when asked by Stuart Lancaster what his aim was, said "I want to buy my Mum a new house"? That gave Lancaster a pretty clear idea of how motivated that player was, and interestingly that it wasn't a selfish motivation.

There is a lot written about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and the relative impact and effect of both. I also like the analogy of the elephant and the rider (used in a lot of psychology books, but probably best articulated by Dan and Chip Heath in their book 'Switch - how to change things when change is hard'). The elephant being the brain's emotional part, the rider being the rational part. Without the elephant being motivated, things will not happen. Once the elephant is motivated, the rider then needs direction, and the path needs to be shaped.

The trick within a team environment is then to try and tie in each individual's motivation with a 'team ambition'. Think the lionesses - their ambition was to win a trophy and inspire a nation. They may not have done the first, but they certainly had a good crack at the second. The All Blacks aim is to 'Leave the Jersey in a Better Place.'

Thanks again for a really good read.
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Rob Maaye said:
Glad you liked it Catherine. I can’t take credit for the writing I’m just posting on his behalf but I will be sure to let him know you enjoyed it. Love the analogy of the elephant and the rider!
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