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This is excellent. Thank you so much to Blake and the contributers. It breaks down what growth mindset actually is so well, as well as providing useful tools and tips. As with the work we do on emotional intelligence, it is so important to understand first of all where you sit on the mindset continuum, and also to realise that in some areas of your life you might be more inclined to be one way or the other. We spend a lot of time explaining this principle to our business clients, and helping them to apply it throughout their organisations; there are some brilliant pieces of research showing the impact of the growth mindset on business performance, both at the organisation level and at the team level.

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Jeremy Frith said:

Hi Catherine. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Blake did a great job with this. Anything we can do to support in anyway or any questions feel free to fire them over, we can talk about it for hours.

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Fascinating read, thank you Rachel and Jeremy - I will definitely be buying the book! I particularly like the role of the parent/carer in terms of the things they can say and ask - if we all spread this message at grassroots sport we can create a generational change in positive mindset, resilience and working hard. I have seen a superb visual of this recently and will look to share when I dig it out. Remember, the only place that success come before work is in the dictionary :-)

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