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Comments (2)

Bill Baillie said:
I could not agree more, in my experience I have seen many young players under the shadow of the more experienced older players. The trick is the culture that you and the players create, if this is communicated with the young players they know that everyone in the team want to be number one in their chosen position. In sports life this is normal and if the environment is right the players will emerge from the shadows.
"Planning without action is a dream, Action without planning is a nightmare"
(Japanese proverb)
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Jon Woodward said:
Great post Nick - you could also read 'parent' and 'child' for coach and athlete....

Bill is absolutely right that the development and understanding of a club culture is key ("the way we do things around here") and I think this can be one of the biggest issues, when it is not shared and understood by athletes and their significant others, such as parents.

I often think I am in a challenging position of understanding coaching, tutoring, and parenting from both sides - as a coach, I alwatys dreaded the 'sports parent' questioning what I was doing, and now I am THAT parent he will question the whys and why nots of those involved with my children.

The challenge of favouritism is almost the taboo subject - I would challenge any coach when they say they have never had favourites in any group they have coached - either through ability, potential or the attitude. We shouldn't but we do -it is human nature. But this can also skew our view around what is happening and more crucially, what could be happening and being developed.

I have looked at Covey's work, use it as a good guide to develop a culture, both on and off the pitch/court - its the way we do things around here, but people often lose sight of that...
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