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Bugs and Issues

Having problems with this site? Explain it here and our team will respond as soon as we can. Please give as much detail as you can about the problem telling us what steps you took and any error messages you received. If possible, please state what browser you are using and whether you are on desktop, tablet or mobile.

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Important update: Do not reply to Monica Weah

byRob Maaye 10/09/18   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 10/09/18

Views: 382  ·   Replies: 0

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Important update

byRob Maaye 22/03/18   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 22/03/18

Views: 637  ·   Replies: 0

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Pages slow to load/freezing

byIan Tunnicliffe 19/10/16   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 24/10/16

Views: 522  ·   Replies: 4

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How has the platform upgrade improved ConnectedCoaches?

byRob Maaye 19/10/16   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 10/10/16

Views: 492  ·   Replies: 0

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Email system not working and Daily Digest feedback

byRob Maaye 17/08/15   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 17/08/15

Views: 337  ·   Replies: 1

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Not receiving email notifications? Here's why and how to fix it

byRob Maaye 12/08/16   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 12/08/16

Views: 1175  ·   Replies: 2

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ConnectedCoaches is being upgraded

byRob Maaye 07/10/16   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 07/10/16

Views: 231  ·   Replies: 0

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