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Area for Member Introductions

Say hello and introduce yourself. This is where you can tell your personal coaching story and start to make friends with other members.

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Sticky What is your coaching story?

byMelanie Mallinson 06/10/16   ·   Last post by Lawrie O'Keeffe 30/08/18

Views: 2700  ·   Replies: 35

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Turning things around and instilling confidence?

byDanny Mallon 13 days ago   ·   Last post by Mike Porteous 6 days ago

Views: 325  ·   Replies: 4

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Newby here

bySandy McArthur 6 days ago   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 6 days ago

Views: 68  ·   Replies: 1

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New on this side/group - from Colombia

byStefan Hoffmann 04/09/18   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 05/09/18

Views: 86  ·   Replies: 1

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Rugby league fan here new to the site. June 2017.

byRugby League 101 27/06/17   ·   Last post by Steve Moss 28/03/18

Views: 344  ·   Replies: 2

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We can be the change!

byWendy Russell 05/01/18   ·   Last post by Richard Vallis 24/01/18

Views: 837  ·   Replies: 6

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Talent ID

byIan Mitchell 17/10/17   ·   Last post by Ian Mitchell 21/10/17

Views: 859  ·   Replies: 3

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Coaching urban kids in public school with Swim, SKWIM and Water Polo

byMark Rauterkus 06/08/17   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 07/08/17

Views: 259  ·   Replies: 1

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Switching sports

byJonathan Abra 22/12/16   ·   Last post by Jonathan Abra 30/06/17

Views: 650  ·   Replies: 3

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byMike Askew 10/06/17   ·   Last post by Emma Tomlinson 12/06/17

Views: 376  ·   Replies: 4

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