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Area for Member Introductions

Say hello and introduce yourself. This is where you can tell your personal coaching story and start to make friends with other members.

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What are your top tips for coaching 13-16yr olds?

byEddie Afekafe 16/03/17   ·   Last post by Rachel Berney 31/03/17

Views: 1478  ·   Replies: 8

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An Introduction...

byDarren Reevell 20/02/17   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 21/02/17

Views: 269  ·   Replies: 2

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Does Sport & Coaching mean Business

byRus Smith 24/01/17   ·   Last post by Rus Smith 24/01/17

Views: 649  ·   Replies: 0

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Coach Development/Mentoring

byHuw Bowen 12/01/17   ·   Last post by Huw Bowen 18/01/17

Views: 682  ·   Replies: 3

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Merry Xmas and Happy NY from me!

byRob Maaye 16/12/16   ·   Last post by Emma Tomlinson 21/12/16

Views: 221  ·   Replies: 1

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New blood

byJames Fidell 11/12/16   ·   Last post by Elly Moore 16/12/16

Views: 361  ·   Replies: 2

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Welcome to all new members. Don’t be shy...

byRob Maaye 07/12/16   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 08/08/16

Views: 444  ·   Replies: 0

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Statistics - completion of L2 courses

byMargaret Nolan 23/11/16   ·   Last post by Andrew Beaven 06/12/16

Views: 472  ·   Replies: 5

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Viewing yourself as a performer!

byRichard Thelwell 19/10/16   ·   Last post by Richard Thelwell 19/10/16

Views: 225  ·   Replies: 0

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How did you become interested in coaching? What motivates you to keep coaching?

byRob Maaye 04/11/15   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 04/11/15

Views: 433  ·   Replies: 2

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