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Posted in: Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

UK and Ireland based Coaching Conferences

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  • Hi Folks

    I am looking to find out what coaching conferences take place annually around the country and wondered if anyone could recommend any in particular? I generally attend the UKSCA conference annually and wondered what else takes place.  

    Thanks in advance

    Trevor :-) 

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  • See link attached 

  • Hi Trevor,

    Is it specifically S&C conferences that you're looking for or coaching generally? 



  • Hi Trevor,

    There is the UK coaching Summit In Belfast on 6-7 June.

    What specific sports may you be interested in?  My sport is athletics so my knowledge of events is largely based around that



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  • Hi Elaine  

    I can't see a link to click.

  • Hi David

    I work for Isle of Man Sport in a Coaching Coordinator role and I am looking right across the board at all sports and any general non sport specific coaching conferences to feedback to coaches on the Island who may be interested in travelling over to any.

    My personal area of interest is S&C, athletics and rugby.  I did spot the Summit in Belfast, thanks for the heads up.

    Many thanks 


  • Hi Trevor,

    Thought I recognised your name from Power of 10.  We have a European Athletics Throws conference taking place in Loughborough on 10th -12th November.  There will be some big names there you can be certain.


    May be of interest


    Best wishes





  • Nick Ruddock's Annual Gymnastics Conference is very informative and inspiring - largely around gymnastics but he touches on a whole range of areas. This year he ran a big event on 12th Feb in Coventry. The next event I'm aware of is the 2017 Physical Preparation Masterclass on June 18th in Birmingham - I hear it is selling out fast and he has an expert speaker on board so could be a great to look at  http://www.physicalpreparationmasterclass.com/

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