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Posted in: General

What would you do?

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  • While this is a story about a coach of young kids, it is a situation that is not age specific. 

    It also only gives the one side, but that aside, what would you have done in this case?


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  • As a Triathlon coach I don't coach teams other than I suppose when in the swimming pool you could say (but also kids and adults train together..).  I do have a view on this though: When you warn / berate everyone in the team about bullying or just generally messing about when they should be listening -  and then one of those athletes / team members persists, you have to do something.  Doing a few laps I would say is the minimum(!).  You don't need training or a course to understand that.  I'd say that coach is better off out of it.  Find a team that values his coaching and common sense.

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  • Wow corporal punishment. I have never in my years of coaching ever done this as I feel there's other ways of controlling these situations. I have however I have seen many teacher during pe lesson do this due to children not listening. I personally would talk to parents from both parties and explain the situation.

     Lets change the age to adults, players having a fight due to a team member missing a goal, one team player takes it up on themselves to go further and start bullying the guy who didn't score would you make the adult run around the field a few time's because he's being a bully? I'm sure the adult would give you a few choice words.  What is the difference between an adult bullying to a child bullying?  You have a better chance of changing the mindset of a child but making run a few laps is punishment aren't you as the coach now a bully for punishing the child! 

    Lets see others views. 

  • What constitutes bullying? The competitive nature of sport makes it an ideal environment for the bully to operate. A lot of coaches assume they need to be on the look-out for peer on peer bullying without perhaps considering that they too need to be careful they don't overstep the mark. I delve deeper into the subject in this blog...


    National Bullying Week is 14-18 November and we will be sharing a ConnectedCoaches infographic next week to mark this containing advice for coaches on how to spot bullying in their sessions.

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