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Posted in: General

HELP!!!! Diet and Nutrition

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  • Yet I'm ploughing my way through another course, Diet and Nutrition, I'm really enjoying the course and hopefully if I pass will add another string to my bow. 

    I'm really struggling regarding a question I'm being asked, I have trawled the Internet for answers and not getting the answer I need. In the hope that a coach will already know this information or answer I would be most grateful if a coach could help. 

    I have to estimate PAL in kilo calories, however I don't know the formula for PAL.  can anyone HELP me please,  sealed

  • On 09/06/17 12:55 PM, Emma Tomlinson said:

    I have to estimate PAL in kilo calories, however I don't know the formula for PAL.  can anyone HELP me please,  sealed

    Hi Emma

    This link might help smile http://www.ivyroses.com/HumanBiology/Nutrition/Physical-Activity-Level.php



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  • Hi Rob 

    Thanks for the link, I have been on this web page but was unable to find the answer I was looking for, I think my brain has just gone to mush now (Thinking too hard) as I'm unable to answer the simplest of questions lol.

    I will take another look at the link see if I've missed it. Thanks again Rob. 

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  • Is your confusion because a lot of energy calculations are in Joules which are 4184 kCal,  1 kCal = 4184 Joules?

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  • Hi Gordon. 

    Thanks for your feed back, However I think I'm going to have to elaborate  as I'm not too sure what the question on the assessment is really asking for, It could be pretty simple and I'm making it complicated so.

    The actual question is as follows. 

    Q1  State your estimated Physical activity Level (PAL) in Kilocalories and how you came to this estimation.

     I have the formula for BMR unable to find the formula to work out (PAL). I have looked on the webite Rob has sent me but I don't think that is the answer they are looking for.  

  • I see, so it is an estimate they are after not a calculation so you'd need to come up with a base rate + the energy requirements of the activity performed in kcal.  Then state this is what you used to justify the numbers you came up with.

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  • I remember doing all this about 5 years ago but for the life of me I just couldn't remember any of this information, Lucky i invested in lots of coaching books as I have found very valuable information in this Book called (Health Mind and Body) for Dummies. laughing

    I'm currently looking through this book, it gives me estimated calories requirement for energy based on age, weight and activity level from inactive to moderately active. Then I have a table based on each exercise the amount of calories burnt from 15mins to 60mins. I'm only assuming this is the information they the question is asking for.

  • Hi Emma, 

    These three documents ive attached may help.  

    Without direct calorimetry, everything is an estimate so using the Harris Benedict formula and factoring in (x BMR by 1.2/1.375/1.55/1.7 or 1.9) may be the easiest thing to do.


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