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Posted in: General

American Flag Football

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  • I am an experienced sports coach who as coached in a professional football club, community organisations and local authority centres.

    I have experience and skills in coaching football and multi-sport to various children in the community.

    One of my true loves is American Football, for which I have experience in coaching, 'Flag Football, the children's version of the game. I also used to be a development officer for the NFL here in the UK.

    I would like to set up a flag football club in my area of West Yorkshire and would like to talk and welcome any Interested coaches or people, that would like to help me set this up.

    If you feel you can help, have any advice and have an interest, or get involved, then please reply to me, through this forum.


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  • Hi Michael

    Popped "flag football" into Google and one of the first links to show was this www.britishamericanfootball.org

    might be worth your time having a browse to see if there are any establish teams in the area in which you are looking to start one. 

    Hope this helps even just a little 


  • Hi Richard

    Thank for your link and attention.

    I have checked that link before and exhausted other methods too, with no joy.

    Only thing I haven't tried yet is local advertising, such as newspapers, supermarket ad boards and so on. Maybe next move.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Michael

    Firstly welcome to the ConnectedCoaches community great to have you on board!

    Reading your post I immediately knew the ideal person to get you in contact with. A while back we interviewed American flag football coach and fellow member Simon Browning who set up a new women’s American flag football team - The Cardiff Valkyries. In the blog ‘Flagging up key periods of development in a newly formed team Simon (with  Blake Richardson ) delivers a delivers a step-by-step guide to managing expectations, building game sense and confidence, and integrating new players into a fledgling side. I’m sure there will be lots in there to help you.

    I’ve also reached out to Simon offline just now to make him aware of the conversation thread. Hopefully when he has a spare moment he will be in touch and share his experiences/advice.

    In the meantime hope the blog link helps



    PS Simon has also written a few blogs that might interest you which you can find here.

  • Your best bet will be speaking with dale bottomley and Mike cluskey at the leeds academy of American football (contact details on website)

  • Thanks people  for the info.

    Will look into everything possible.

  • Hi Michael

    Great to hear that you are looking to set up a flag team. People have already mentioned the guys at Leeds. Other people/places to check out would be:

    Alan Young - who is an admin on the BAFA American Flag Football League Facebook group. This group would help give you some support as all teams are on there

    You mention coaching children. To be honest, not my main main area but someone like Alan can definitely point you in the right direction. 

    For the adult end of the flag teams then there are people like Matt Ward / Joshua Evans. They have just set up flag teams in our local area - The Swansea Hammerheads and Cynon Vally Celts respectively. So they will have just gone through the associate phase of the club and can help guide through that if needed.

    If you want to hook me up through FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/omftb) then I can put you in touch with them and start conversations going.

    With regards to actually starting out, the things to consider are simple things like a base for training. When we started, we had no money as we were not part of a senior team. So we had to make do with whatever we could. We just utilised a council field and "claimed" a bit of that. The beauty is you don't need huge amounts of space. The location is key though. We deliberately picked one that had a high footfall around it so that people would see us. So the one we chose was one that was not only central but also was used highly by groups such as joggers and jsut general public out for a walk. It meant that we were very visible and was easy for any new people to get to us as we were not tucked away somewhere. 

    In the main though, it is about getting in the right Facebook groups. There are tournaments going on all the time and so tapping into them is worthwhile. When we started ours up we went to a tournament after only 4 weeks in. The community is a very supportive one for new teams, and as I say, feel free to hook me up and I can start pointing you at the best people

  • Thank you Simon for all your info.

    The guys up at Leeds are somewhere I need to visit, which is up at Carnegie. I have their info, so it's on my hit list to do. Even though its about 10 mile from me.

    Thanks Simon for the tips on setting up too. I have a plan also in doing some voluntary coaching in schools, in my area and may try running an after schools project to generate interest.

    Apologies but cant communicate with you through Facebook, as I don't do it and its not my bag. 

    Thanks again.


  • Hi Mick

    no worries. If you are thinking of doing schools then Rob Roosky will be a good contact. He is driving the leagues plans to get American football into schools and may well have some support systems/structures you can tap into.

    ill try to dig a contact out for you 

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