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Yes you CAN coach 3-5 year olds – lessons learned with cricketing Little Legends | Coaching Children (Ages 5-12) | ConnectedCoaches

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Coaching Children (Ages 5-12)

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It has been the same for me in 25 years of coaching pre-school gymnastics. I believe that all coaches should start at this level as it gives them such an insight into how the skills are broken down to a level that even small children can understand what it is they are doing. If it doesn't work try a different take on it and make it creative and fun. The pre-schoolers teach you so much about coaching it is well worth doing. Whether they stay with Gymnastics of Cricket is not the goal but to make them appreciate the benefits of physical activity and playing the game. They will move onto whatever sport suits them and from such basic grounding at all levels they will have enjoyment participating, performing or competing (and losing).

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Excellent advice, Having coached in primary schools and in club environment I have found that coaching 3 to 5 years old amazing, they have great imaginations and are easy to please. I feel as a coach you have to grab there attention from the very beginning if this isn't achieved you may loose them. I will always refer to Multi skills educator Mr Gordon Fern who gave me the will to continue with coaching and showed me how easy coaching was if you made it fun, specific to the sport your coaching.
Last week I pinched my next door neighbours boys 4 and 5 year to walk my dog with me, She advised the boy that they needed to behave whilst with me. I made the brothers hold hands all the way down to the local field to which they did, I had a ball throwing stick which the boys loved and want to have ago, I gave the boys some tips on how to use the throwing stick at first it didn't go so well the boys started to argue over who was going to take the next turn in throwing the dogs ball, I advised the boys that they could both take turns in throwing the ball by having 2 goes each and see if they could get the ball to go further each time they threw the ball, the boys thought this game was hilarious as the dog would jump for the ball run back and drop ready for another throw. That afternoon the boys walked about 1 mile had fun and managed to throw the ball quite a way once they had the hang of the throwing stick. A really good and entertaining dog walk. On our way back the boys said "that wasn't a long dog walk!" I advised the boys that they had been out about 1 hr and had walked 1 mile, there little faces was a picture. I feel at this age fun and a little guidance is what is required.

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