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U12 now to divide players | Coaching Children (Ages 5-12)

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Coaching Children (Ages 5-12)

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U12 now to divide players

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  • Our club has a new practice at tryouts. Take off the 6 highest rated players in the middle of practice. Anyone want to guess how this went over. By the way, We don't allow parents to see tryouts but we let the players leave the ice and go into the lobby

    U12 ice hockey

  • You've intrigued me Tony how was this received?

  • Not well, Players (top 6) walked into the lobby and announced they were the best. Parents got upset including a high-level board member. That board member is also a coach who then moved forward on changing those choices. The next practice we had a lot of taunting and one fight but throughout the practice, there was visible tension. By the end of last week as picks were to come out the head coach of the club was ready to make the changes without regard to others that the board member had wanted. I asked that if we change anything it should be done as a new tryout period. He acquiesced but after it now looks like one of the players he was upset about (a top 6 player) is now on team two. We have 48 kids at this level and I think the process used was/is bad. It had negative repercussions as soon as it landed. I can not understand how any caring adult would have thought this a good plan.

  • Blimey! Completely agree it sounds like this hasn’t been thought through at all and it’s going to be a real struggle to crawl it all back…no wonder you are frustrated!

  • I will be open and honest to parents and kids about all of this but I still feel we didn't vet this idea. When it happened there was no way to reel it back. Here is the deal for me. When it's all a memory I am now part of some children knowing it was not fair. Having issues there as I wish I could be a positive influence. The board member thinks I overreact so I told him maybe I should come in and talk to the board about the adults role in a child's life. Been at this 37 years and when I asked why he thinks I might be wrong the answer was 

    I just know

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  • On 12/10/17 3:07 PM, Tony Libert said:

    Been at this 37 years and when I asked why he thinks I might be wrong the answer was 

    I just know


  • I am old and have seen the failure that a lack of philosophical perspective can have and one of them is the idea that everything is simple. I wish i could coach adults club wide on whats expected and acceptable. From all the adults, in the end how they are treated ,or feel they are treated is how they will treat others by and large

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  • Interested in who decided on the format of these 'tryouts'?

    Did the young players themselves have any input into how the selection processes take place?

  • We have an A.C.E  which is a voted on position on the board. Their role is to validate training and coaches along with aiding coaches throughout the season. He is the person who decides. His outreach is limited and I am within that group. 

    The players have no say and no recourse, these actions were decided by adults who think they know best. Apologetically I am one of those adults and our actions have changed the course for 12 players of 48 or 1/4 of the children trying out. We have only a few adults to blame but they are not accepting it. The team I will be with is the group most negatively affected and I will work hard to regain the trust of them and their families. We have 4 players that were moved down by the "new" tryouts, 2 had been told they were A players and 2 were not yet told. If you want to throw darts I am a target so to you, the coaching community, I sincerely apologize. To Ralph Samwell, double that

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  • The road to hell is paved with good intentions

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