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How you can make multiskills a fun session | Coaching Children (Ages 5-12)

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Coaching Children (Ages 5-12)

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Posted in: Multiskills Coaching

How you can make multiskills a fun session

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  • Well guy's it's been 2 years since I did my level 2 multiskills, it doesn't matter what sport I coach I always find myself using multi skills within my pe sessions.  As iv said before I try and make sessions fun,  exciting and engaging.  

    One of my favourite sessions is making art using different peices of sports equipment,  using imagination, being creative, working together as team, desicion making, speed, agility, change of direction,  and not cheating. 

    Put pupils into teams of 5 or 6 depending on size of the class. 

    Cone an area about tennis courts size, place a random  selection of sports equipment in the middle of the court ,  Eg bats,balls,hockeys etc in the middle of the court.

    place the teams outside the area each being the same length away from the middle. 

    Choose a object or a subject they are learning about in class use your imagination. 

    I use things like vehicles, the season, Christmas, easter.

    I choose summer holidays.  The pupils had to think of something to do with summer.  The teams worked together to come up with a good picture.  

    On my whistle one pupil picks up 1peice of equipment and runs,speedwalks , jumped,  hopped, back to team mates to tag the nexted team mate who then performs the actions you instruct 

    Once all equipment is gone you then give teams 2 minutes to finnish there pictures.  

    Points for finnished team sat down quietly . Points for picture and points for imagination.

    Use your own imagination as a coach

     Adults love this game as well as teenagers.  

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