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Coaching Youth (age 13-18), General Forum

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Coaching Youth (age 13-18)

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Coaching Youth (age 13-18), General Forum

Here, members start conversations and seek views on anything to do with coaching 13-18 year olds. NB: If what you want to post is more suitable as a blog please read our participation guidelines (see footer) for more information about how you can submit a guest blog

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Of course it stops being fun at 16...so we need to think differently

byDan Cottrell 08/08/17   ·   Last post by Wendy Russell 09/11/17

Views: 1965  ·   Replies: 8

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Coaching girls through puberty and periods - YOUR experiences

byTanya Martin 28/06/17   ·   Last post by Bob Challis 08/11/17

Views: 1301  ·   Replies: 10

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How would you approach this difficult conversation with a teenage girl....?

byDavid Turner 19/06/17   ·   Last post by David Turner 30/06/17

Views: 924  ·   Replies: 8

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A 13 year old with an inflated ego

bykathryn hall 05/06/17   ·   Last post by kathryn hall 30/06/17

Views: 642  ·   Replies: 6

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Engaging disinterested girls!

byAlex Brown 04/05/17   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 29/06/17

Views: 1749  ·   Replies: 6

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How to keep children in Sport

byDave Leader 07/06/17   ·   Last post by Melanie Mallinson 15/06/17

Views: 174  ·   Replies: 2

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Great podcast - Problem Solving / Creativity / Constraints / Fill in the Blanks

byBrett Holland 11/05/17   ·   Last post by Dean Garner 14/05/17

Views: 375  ·   Replies: 1

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Member research request: getting the best additional support for your young athletes

byRob Maaye 01/03/17   ·   Last post by Rob Maaye 01/03/17

Views: 218  ·   Replies: 0

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Recommended tablets for coaching swimming?

byNicky Hawkins 28/07/16   ·   Last post by Mark Richards 09/12/16

Views: 334  ·   Replies: 2

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Seven Ways to give better feedback to young people

byLiz Burkinshaw 13/11/16   ·   Last post by Liz Burkinshaw 13/11/16

Views: 352  ·   Replies: 0

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