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End of season sessions | Coaching Youth (age 13-18)

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Coaching Youth (age 13-18)

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Posted in: Coaching Youth (age 13-18), General Forum

End of season sessions

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  • Hi fellow coaches,
    We've won our league - hurrah - but still have one game to go. Between now and that game I have 4 training sessions to put on and wondered if there was any advice out there on how to keep the players engaged and working as hard as they have all season? I don't want to just put on "fun" games to keep them ticking over, I want to get ready for the final game but you know what young players are like especially as they have won what we set out to win.
    Any tips, ideas, session plans will be received with thanks,



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  • Hi Colin, 

    How old are the players ? And is this football ?


  • Hi Andy,

    Football - yes, aged - 14-15, very talented girls



  • Sounds like a good opportunity to have an open discussion about what can happen when a quality team take their foot off the pedal and see if anyone has any good examples - come armed with a few too - not from the 70s though :)  FA cup giant killings perhaps the best way to go?  It sounds like a really important part of their learning journey as a team.  Rocky 3 - Eye of the Tiger and all that!





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  • Hi Colin

    You could include some leadership skills and activities. Mix up the roles that the girls have within the team and give the opportunity for others to test themselves and get out of their leadership comfort zone .

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  • At the start of the season was your only goal to win the league! I'm sure it wasn't so this provides a chance to look at the softer goals you set yoursleves.

    I would use it as an opportunity for the girls to set new (revist old) individual and team goals they can work towards for the remainder of the season and potentially into next year. This will give both you and the girls a clear focus and soemthing to work towards & achieve.


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