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Comments (2)

Inetersting topic Colin. The role of the coach is surely to coach the player or team perform independently on the day - without input from the coach. But is coaches input is neccessary in football due to team dynamics that come with the hype of football?
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As a Netball Coach I like to think that the technical and tactical elements covered in training specifically empower the players who take the court to make the right decisions, as units, throughout the game. However there is a real place for coach input in order to reinforce or modify the match plan depending on what is happening on the court.

On the other hand I've been on the bench in games where the players have not needed my input, so I feel my job is to reinforce positive behaviours, stretch the players by upping the targets or once or twice trying something completely new.

Additionally I've also been in the situation where the players have imploded and all I've done is ask them to fix it and let them come up with the solutions. Less is more often comes up trumps.

So, in my opinion, I give the players what I think they need, in terms of my coaching actions, depending on what my experience tells me and what their characters are like. It's different every time.

And to answer your point about shout and gesturing in the sideline. I just think in netball it's a distraction, far better to not add to the stress the players are under.
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Colin Bennett said:
That's a good point about players imploding. It's those times where a coach can get them back on track or "tweak" what they're doing. That's the style of coaching I like to use. It's hard though when the opposition are going ape and you have to keep younger players focussed on the game and not on the touchlines - can we have a mute button for those coaches!
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