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  • Post match interview
    Louisville coach questions the mentality of his players
    Simon Loftus  · 02/03/17  · 1  · 842
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  • What Makes a Good Sport Coach?
    Lecturers Daniel Newcombe and Will Roberts talk about what makes a great Coach. Find out about Sport, Coaching and Physical Education Degrees at Oxford Brookes University
    Ryan McCarthy  · 05/12/16  · 1  · 603
    coaching improving sport
    Avg: 4.9 / 5 (1votes)
  • The Importance of Communication Skills in Sports Coaches
    The role of the sports coach/leader is to allow effective skill acquisition as well as guiding individuals and groups to reach their goals in terms of performance and competition. By VEA Australia - New Zealand
    Ryan McCarthy  · 05/12/16  · 0  · 639
    coaching communication Sports
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  • What makes a good coaching session?
    In this video, ConnectedCoaches member and Senior Fellow in Sports Coaching at the University of Winchester Richard Cheetham talks about what makes a good coaching session. Using one of his students’ gymnastics coaching sessions on how to perform a dive roll, he emphasises the importance of: • establishing the learning outcomes • creating a positive coaching environment • being creative in your se...
    Rob Maaye  · 10/10/16  · 1  · 1083
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