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Embracing Technology

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Comments (2)

Nick Kershaw said:
I have used various software products to video some of the archers I have coached over the past two years. In most cases it has proved to be a great tool to use to describe movement that an archer couldn't possibly see and shoot a bow. I have used it to show that the arm used to draw the bow is actually creeping forward on before the string moves, filmed from behind to see that the movement forward is accompanied by horizontal movement of the string.

Shooting an arrow from a bow takes milliseconds but that little error can be the difference in scoring shooting a 9 not a 10.

Without video, without analysis, without the training as a coach, I doubt that I could have picked up that fault so quickly and found a way to correct it so easily.

Video, technology is all well and good if a coach can use it and is able to explain to the athlete what the camera is seeing.

More technology training for coaches specifically for coaches ? Aimed at coaches ?
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Emily Perry said:

I use technology to inform what I do (catapult, monitoring apps, sports code etc) and have found it very informative, especially to manage player load. I agree that the coach needs a good understanding of it so you can ask the right questions (be driven by a question rather than using it just because it is available), interpret it and present the relevant information to players and staff. Nothing more frustrating that paralysis by analysis.

More training and education for coaches would definitely help

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