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Unlocking the power of data: statistical analysis and technology as key tools for optimising player performance. | Embracing Technology | ConnectedCoaches

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Really nice blog post. Full of interesting notes and point of interest.

One thing from myself - as an amateur coach of an amateur team - is that you are right. You can drown in data and you have to understand the limits of what you can do, what data you want to use and how you want to use it. We use a lot of data within our sport (American Football). There is specific software openly available (Hudl) at a relatively reasonable price. Within that you can basically track whatever you want to track. That flexibility allows us to be very specific in what we do and to only get hold of what we both want and can analyse in the short time that we have.

We just don't have the time (or the money/means/ability/etc...) to do the full performance analysis like professional teams do. Ours is more about analysing opposition tendencies, and looking at our execution of what we do. The data is used to get players ready for the next opponent along the lines of - "When they line up in this formation they tend to do X", or "If we start here and motion to here then they tend to adapt like X so we will look to do Y".

I long for the day when we are in a position to do that...Though it is a long way off yet. I guess that keeps us in a job for now!
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