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Comments (2)

Andy Bullock said:

I still really enjoy coach's eye even after a couple of years of using it. It is quite simple and intuitive to use. I do wonder though, is there anything new available that people have started to use and find equally as useful?

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Rob Maaye said:

Hi Andy

I’d be interested to hear if anyone is using anything new as well as we like to get member reviews of apps that are available.

In case it is of interest on the site currently we have member reviews of the following:

- HudlTechnique (formerly Ubersense) Reviews

- Edufii app/website review


In the blog ‘Help or hindrance: The use of video analysis to aid player development’ Richard Allen mentions he uses the ‘CoachMyVideo’ app https://www.connectedcoaches.org/spaces/4/embracing-technology/blogs/general/213/help-or-hindrance-the-use-of-video-analysis-to-aid-player-development

There also some apps name checked in these conversations:

- ‘Video analysis’ https://www.connectedcoaches.org/spaces/4/embracing-technology/forums/all-other-conversations-about-technology/6628/video-analysis

- ‘The use of technology in sport’ https://www.connectedcoaches.org/spaces/10/welcome-and-general/forums/general/935/the-use-of-technology-in-sport

- ‘Who uses Team App’ https://www.connectedcoaches.org/spaces/4/embracing-technology/forums/apps-for-coaching/6527/who-uses-team-app

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I am a lawn bowls coach and was introduced to Coach's Eye by a Friend who is a coach in Australian some 4/5 years ago. I have found it to be so easy to use and does everything I want it to do and I recommend it to all new coach's. The slo-mo feature is ideal in showing bowlers their point of release because so many don't believe you when you tell them they are releasing the bowl on the upward swing when it should be at the bottom of the swing.
Worth every penny.

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