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  • Meet the England manager: Jon Whittingham on coaching cerebral palsy football
    We turn the spotlight on the man at the helm of cerebral palsy football in England, ConnectedCoaches member Jon Whittingham, who has overseen a major revival in the fortunes of the national squad since a disappointing Paralympic Games in London.
    Blake Richardson  · 26/10/15  · 0  · 2072
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  • Coaching Female Participants
    Post that provides insight into the informal female participant and her needs, and provides guidance on the type of environment and coaching style she needs in order to be attracted to, and retained in, informal sport.
    Sarah Milner  · 22/10/15  · 0  · 668
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  • Coaching Women Myth Buster
    If something is said enough times, it starts to become 'fact'. Much of these facts are often based on stereotypes and things our colleagues have told us over the years. Should we, as coaches, make assumptions based on the gender of the athlete we are working with?
    Sarah Milner  · 21/10/15  · 0  · 817
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  • Developing Female Coaches
    This post focuses on the reasons for the under-representation of women in coaching and steps governing bodies of sport, national agencies and women themselves can take to address this.
    Sarah Milner  · 21/10/15  · 0  · 842
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  • Coaching campaign Reaches out to Britain’s women
    sports coach UK’s Reach campaign aims to attract and develop more women coaches, alleviating gender bias by challenging deep-rooted cultural assumptions that perpetuate a male-dominated coaching environment.
    Blake Richardson  · 20/10/15  · 0  · 991
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  • Coaching cerebral palsy football and putting a positive spin on disabled sport
    Highlighting positive news stories to coax people into getting involved in coaching disabled athletes can be just as effective as quoting damning statistics to increase public awareness of inclusive sport. ConnectedCoaches member Sam Turner is working on some exciting projects that merit publicity so, let’s whip it up.
    Blake Richardson  · 12/10/15  · 3  · 2360
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  • An iron Will: How a disabled American football coach is bucking the trend
    ConnectedCoaches member Will Babbington is shattering the stereotype that disabled people can’t coach non-disabled athletes. Here is his story.
    Blake Richardson  · 05/10/15  · 4  · 3421
    Avg: 4.79 / 5 (1votes)
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