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Tips for coaches to use to get more women and girls active. | Inclusive Coaching | ConnectedCoaches

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Inclusive Coaching

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Comments (3)

Liz Lewis said:

Great blog, some great ideas there. Must admit in my sport generally we have had a great uptake in number of girls since London 2012, but we struggle to keep women in the sport post university age, so some of these ideas are good to see if we're really advertising to them in the right way. Thanks

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Andy Stevens said:

Some great advice in there, Wendy, and a couple of points that kind of seem alien initially, but make perfect sense when you think it through.

Let them have a good chat as part of the warm up. Makes perfect sense, but not something I would have thought as constructive until thinking about it properly (normally coach U8's and Colts, some different mindsets in there!).
A great way for them to feel part of the group and among friends.

Day of week/Time of day.
Generally Womens/Girls sessions are on a Wednesday evening - I wonder if a Saturday morning might work to attract more newbies? Or another evening... Never even thought about trying a different day!

We're about to embark on a Womens/Girls recruitment drive so perfect timing to be reading this! 👍

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Lee Pointon said:

I set up a women's football group and at the same time set up a facebook group. This gave the group an opportunity to chat and bond outside of the football session and also acted as a bit of extra support for any newbies

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